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We all know that loving someone in this cruel world nowadays is just making problems for you only. Trusting someone is just a thing to say only, because we can’t trust anyone in today’s world.  So if you ever come across someone who genuinely loves you and care for you just make sure that you take that person with you for your whole life. But the main thing is that such people are very rare to find, but if I tell you that there are some creatures in this world who will never ever break your heart or will never leave you alone.

Can you guess whose name I am going to take?

Dogs, if you thought this then yes, you are absolutely right my friend. They are type of creatures which will never leave you to live alone in this cruel world alone, they will always be your side till they are alive.

I have wrote some blogs on dogs love in my previous blogs also, if you want to check then you can check it from here-


We gets so attached with our pets that they become part of our family and never feels like they are an animal, we start treating them as a family member only who is same like us. If they got ill we care for them like our kids, if they got injured we provide them proper rest. How strange is this, that a dog who is an animal becomes just like our family member while there are some people who are humans but never gets attached with us, even if they are one of our close members too.

It’s just the loyalty and royalty of dogs which make them so attached with all of us. When I was a kid, I don’t use to like dogs. But one day when I got one, my thinking changed like that, I now don’t like humans anymore. I don’t know what type of their love is, but I hope that one day we all will get a heart like them which would be full of love and kindness.

Most of you must have some stories related to your love and bonding with your pet, if you want to then you can share your stories with all of us.

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