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In India there is the season of winter’s right now. Everywhere I see, I see people covered with clothes from head to toe. There are new clothes coming to sell to wear in this winter’s. and do you know why these clothes are sold?
Because we all feel the cold and to get rid of that cold we wear warm clothes. We are the one who can tell each other that we are feeling cold but think about the animals who can’t tell us by speaking that they are feeling cold. We our self have to take care of them.
As I am also a pet owner, this blog is for all the pet owners right there. Let’s get started-

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1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG’S PAWS- As we know that we can’t control the cold, because that’s not in our hands. So the think that we can do is to know about the parts from where our pet’s can catch cold easily. And the part from where our pet can catch cold easily is there paws and tail. We should take care that they don’t put their paws in water in the winters. There paws and even there tail should not get wet. Because if they get wet they will catch cold easily.
2. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET’S DIET- As we all must be knowing that even our diet get changes with the change of seasons, same is the case with our pet’s we should take care of their diet. We should provide them the food that will provide them warmth inside their body, and they will not catch cold. They will stay healthy all winters by this change in their diet.

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3. PLAY WITH YOUR PET- As if we have to take care of their paws we should not take them for long walks. But one thing we can do is to play with your pet, because by playing there body will work and will provide warmth to their body. In this way your pet will stay healthy and will not catch cold ever.
4. SOURCES OF HEAT- As to make their body warm your pet will find a good heat source to provide warmth to there body, but it’s not safe for them. There is a burn risk for them. They will try to come near the stove and such appliances to get warmth but this is not good for them, so make them stay away from these such things. You can make them sit under sun for a limited time only and in your presence only.

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5. BATHING- We should take care of our pets bathing time. As it’s winters now then we should not get them bath on daily basis. We should increase the time interval between their bathing. Once in a moth or once in two moths.
These are some of my tips to take care of your pet during winters. If you have some new or other tips rather then these written above you can share it with all of us by telling it in the comment section.


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