Hi everyone, I’m back with a new topic today, basically it’s not a topic, it’s a problem that i think faced by everybody at a stage of life. The thing i am going to talk about today is have you ever felt of not doing your work, you know the work is important for you, it can be your school/college work, it can be your office work, have you ever felt not doing that work?
Yes, actually, i think answer of all of you will be yes, because this has happened with everybody. This was also happened with me some days before, at that time i want to write blogs but i wasn’t able to write one. This was because lack of appreciation, when there is lack of appreciation you will never ever want to do any work, because if you did work no one will appreciate you for that work and you will feel bad and think like i can’t do this work and at a time you will never want to do that work again.
Actually when this thing happened with me i was not having my mind to write any further blogs, i was in a mind of shutting this work down. But there were some people who started appreciating me for my work, for the things i write, the best thing was those appreciation’s were not only from my friends of known person’s, they were also from person’s whom i never met, this make me feel very enthusiastic and i again started writing blogs, but now this time if i never got appreciation’s again or i ever felt not writing blogs or shutting this work down, i will never stop, i will keep on writing blogs.
I hope you like my today’s blog, if you like it then share it with your friends whom you think that they are a bit de-motivated. And if you want me to write on any of your favourite topic, please tell it to me by writing it in the comment section.


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