You all must be thinking that The Blind List was contest was for travel blogs and mine The Blind List post doesn’t seem to be a travel blog but it was not the ending, so that’s why i am going to write it’s 2nd part. If anyone new here and want to read further then he must first read my previous blog the link for that blog is :
We both were having same type of choices, either it be songs, movies or our lucky colour which was yellow. Our favourite colour was also same which was black. I was not knowing but one day i asked her that which is your favourite place in the world the first place was Venice, Italy and the 2nd one was Dubai which was my favourite or we can say Dream destination too. We both love Dubai, and after some talk she said me that if you ever got a chance to go Dubai take me too with you. She said you will order the ticket for me, i said ofcourse why not, i would love to do so. This was year 2016 but till now i haven’t got any chance to go Dubai.
We both don’t talk with each other now because of some fight between us, but if i won this contest i am going to take her with me to Dubai. That’s kind of a dream to me to take her Dubai.
I have not told her about these blogs, in which i have written about her. I don’t know what would be her reaction after reading these blogs.


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