I was in my school days when I first met her, she was the first and the last too for which I felt like never before. We both were in different sections of same class and at that time i use to see her in the recess time and when the school gets over, i can’t even tell you how much i love these two time because those were the times when i was able to see her. She was not even knowing my name, she was not knowing anything about me and i passes my 10th class like this. After my 10th class i was thinking to take science and from someone i came to know that she is opting for Biology, at that time i was like the saddest person in the world but after some days before starting of our classes i came to know that Medical and Non-Medical students use to have a combined class and after knowing this i was like the happiest person. So classes started, before moving further i must tell you all that i am the most shy person of my group. So when classes started i would never try to talk to her either i just see her without letting her know that i was watching her. And some like 4 months passed and we had a school trip to somewhere, let me tell you another thing about me that i am also a lazy person, i just love sleeping. So my first reaction after knowing that our class is going for a trip i was like i am not going to trip because i have to sleep at home but after sometime i came to know that she was also going to trip so i made my friends agree to go for trip and they all agreed. There at trip nothing happened or we didn’t even talk with each other but at last when we have to go back to our home at that time we talk with each other and i just can’t explain that feeling, it was something like a dream, i just like her nature alot, the one thing why i felt for her was just because of her nature and from there we started talking to each other first we started talking to each other on Instagram then on Facebook and after sometime i got her number. I never told her that i like her in school days but one day i don’t know what happened to my friend that he told her about y feeling to her in our school friends group, i remember that next to next day we were having our Physics board exam of class 12. When he told her about my feelings i just message him that i am not going to talk to him and after this i just turned of my mobile, i was angry on my friend but there deep inside my heart one thing was going on that please god she say yes. But she didn’t. She message me that she respect my feelings and we are really good friends, it broke my heart but told her that everything is fine, no problem. I don’t know she knows this now or not but i really love her today also. I don’t know why but i just love her today also. We don’t talk with each other now but i do really love her. I don’t know what will happen next in future but someone told me that have faith in god, he will give you whatever you want if you prayed to him with your full heart.
I was never gonna tell these things to you but IndiBlogger gave me a reason to write, they gave me a reason of The Blind Date with world contest in which i have to write about A Blind Date with world and after my parents the most important person to me is she. She’s my world. Now it’s all upon you all if you want that she should know about my love to her please make this blog famous, do share it with your friends who knows that she will know about my love for her with the help of this blog and with god’s grace. Thankyou so much IndiBlogger for giving me a reason to express my feeling and write it all if you haven’t given me this reason this contest i would have never ever had talk about her.


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