Hi everyone, today i am back with a new blog. Today’s topic is going to be really important, this is a type of topic which you can inter-relate to your life. Today i am going to talk about Spoon feeding. Yes spoon feeding, you all must have listened this word and i think you all must have faced spoon feeding by your parent’s when you were small children’s. Basically spoon feeding is teaching someone about something with an over simplified way which actually destroys a person’s personal thought’s.
This is the most common problem in India, because in India parent’s think that the outside world is really bad and due to some insecurities for their children’s they provide everything to them at home only, they don’t allow them to go outside, they don’t allow them to talk to someone. The parent’s think that they are doing a good thing by keeping their child away from this bad world, but at that time they forgot that for how much time they will keep the child away from this bad world, one day the child will have to move out, so why not today.



I personally thinks that it’s the worst decision to keep their child at home and to provide them everything at home only. Because this will make problems to themselves only whenever the child will move out in this bad world at that time he would have nothing in mind about this world because he never ever moved out in this world alone without their parent’s. He will need someone to do his work like previously his/her parents were doing. He would not be able to move from one place to another, he would not be able to buy something, he will not be knowing about places in his own city in which he was living from many years. And for all these things the parent’s will scold the child. They will scold him as this is his own mistake but they don’t know that it’s all because of their own insecurities toward their child and the spoon feeding they were doing for their children.
I myself faced spoon feeding and when i started moving out, i also faced many problem’s some problem’s have been solved but some are not solved yet. I am not totally blaming parents for this, they have a good thought in their mind for their children but their way of solving and treating this problem is absolutely wrong.
So that’s all about today, i hope you all must have liked my today’s topic and i think that somewhere in this topic you must have find yourself that this is happened with you. If anything like this happened to you and if you want to share your views with all of us, you can tell it in the comment section.


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