Are you a student who is studying right now in school/college, do you want to work and can’t wait till your graduation ?
Do you want to earn a good amount of money by working from home only?
If your answer is yes then this is the perfect and really informative blog for you all, i will tell you some of the best business ideas which you can start on your own or with your friends to earn a good amount of money. If you’re ready, I am too.

B1 (2)1. Blogging- from many years and now, people are making a living from blogs, by providing free, entertaining, informative and educational content on a variety of topics to their audience. Some example of topics are:
• Fashion
• Education
• Life lessons
• Travelling
• Health
• Workout
• e.t.c.

2. Dropshipping- if you want to sell products online then having a warehouse full of products is not the only option, you can start your own business by dropshipping with almost zero budget. You don’t need to own any product, you just need to get pre-existing products from a supplier and let them take care of everything else. With dropshipping you can run your business from anywhere. Once someone makes an order with you, you make an order with a third-party on behalf of your customer.

3. Freelance Writing- some people have a hobby of writing, this thing is for them. Think if you are paid for doing your favourite work you like, then this would be the best thing can ever happen to you. The persons who have good writing skills have a lot of opportunities to build a business by offering your writing service in the form of article, magazines, blog posts, books, e.t.c to busy webmasters.

4. Ghost Writer- As you must be knowing that all the bloggers are busy making money through advertisements, they are busy that much , they don’t have time to write new posts for their own blog site. So as a ghost rider your only but really important job is to provide quality content to these busy bloggers and you will get paid for your content. You don’t have to make any blogger site or any wordpress site, no monetization, no SEO, no google adsense, you just have to provide good quality content to other bloggers.

5. Virtual Assistant- As a virtual assistant you have to handle some of the tasks like Travel arrangements, Social media marketing, Link building, Calendar management, Blog posting, e.t.c. based on your specific specialities. These are the really important time consuming tasks.
That’s all for today, if you want to know about any of the above topic you can tell me that by using the comment section, i will surely help you.


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