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Today’s blog is really interesting and a motivational one, try to read it full and to spread it as much as possible. But before starting my blog, I want to ask you a question that if you are a teenager?
If yes, then tell me what you are doing for your future as a teenager.
Just going to school or colleges, that’s it. I think most of the answers would be the same.
Today I am going to tell you about 3 Indian-origin teens who are in the “25 most influential” list. They made it to the most influential people’s list, with their hard work, passion, and their dedication. So those 3 are-

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1. Kavya Kopparapu- She is a freshman at Harvard University, and she developed a computer system that can scan slides of tissue from brain cancer patients looking for difference in density, color, texture, and cellular alignment that are unique for every different person.

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2. Rishab Jain- You all will not believe me but he is in 8th standard, and he developed an algorithm that can possibly be a cure to pancreatic cancer. When I was in 8th standard I must have not known about what pancreas is.

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3. Amika George- She had launched #FreePeriods drive, gathering 2 lakh signatures on her plea to help eradicate period poverty; the movement garnered the support of UK policymaker, galvanizing the government to allocate funds for the first time.

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