Let’s do a quick difference between An Entrepreneur and An Wantrepreneur –

1. MAIN PROSPECTIVE OF THEM- An Entrepreneur always have a prospective of solving the problems while on the other hand An Wantrepreneur always wants to make money.
2. FAILURE- An Entrepreneur is never afraid of failure, but on the other side An Wantrepreneur is always afraid of failure. I think that we should not be afraid of failure, every failure will teach us a lesson for lifetime.
3. TAKING ADVICE- An Entrepreneur will think to take advice from others, while An Wantrepreneur will never take advice from others. He thinks that he is the one and only who is everything.
4. IDEAS- An Entrepreneur always focus on the idea rather than focusing on investor, while An Wantrepreneur only focuses on getting investors.
5. IMPLEMENTING IDEAS- An Entrepreneur will always transforms it’s idea into business, while An Wantrepreneur fails to implement his ideas.


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