This blog is for all the blogger’s and website holders there. In my today’s blog I am going to talk about something really important, about which every blogger or a website holder should know. Okay wait I will tell you a hint about what I am going to talk about and you have to guess it and comment down in the comment section. So the hint is that it’s about ranking system of the websites. Do you have any guesses??
If you have so, then comment it in the comment section.
So let’s move further and the thing that I am going to talk about is ALEXA RANK. Some of you must have heard about it and some of you may not. I was also not aware of this before, but when I came to know about it, I was like why I did not know about such an important thing about our websites and blogs.
Basically it is a ranking system for auditing and making the frequency of visitors. It has been set up by
It is a type of algorithm which records the traffic of the user who has installed the toolbar for the duration of three months or more. Based on, that result which comes after a particular time interval measures the website popularity. It ranks your website with millions of other websites, and give your site a particular rank, and all this process is done on the basis of calculations of estimated traffic and visitor’s engagement.
If your site’s rank in below 100,000 then you can say that your site is quite popular.


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  1. i have heard about Alexa ranking for website recently

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    1. i too came to know about it recently. still doing a lot of research on it, because it’s a vast thing.

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