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See as we all can see that no one have time to enjoy their life, everyone is busy making money or setting up their business or securing their future or such other thing’s. Now in my today’s blog I will tell you and will make a comparison between life’s of 2 different person’s, and I am sure that you yourself will found that which one is the better option for you and which one is not. As in my previous blog I have choose 2 names which were Joe and the 2nd name was of Steve. In today’s blog I am again going to use their names too. I have actually gone through the life’s of such persons about whom I am going to talk about. It’s just that I don’t want to reveal their real names so that’s why I am choosing the names Joe and Steve. So let’s get started.
Firstly I am going to talk about Joe, he is a kind of person who is good in studies. He got good grades in his 10th class and even in his 12th class. He got admission in the best college of the city in which he was living. He was a person who believes in hard work is the key to success. He works hard all day, he studies 15 hours a day. He never use to go out with his friends, whenever his friends ask to for outing he refuses everytime and gives a reason that he has a lot of pending study work and he have to study for his exams. On the other hand his parents were happy because he was good in studies and got good grades every year. And they were like free from all those question’s that will his child get a job in future or not, and I think that they should also be. They were free from all these question’s because Joe was good in studies and they were thinking that they don’t have to worry about this thing. But do you know that Joe was a average student, he is average in his studies. He was going many different tuition’s in his 10th, 12th and even in his graduation studies also. He never tried to go for outing with his friends because he was thinking that if he goes out he will get no time for study because as being an average student he need to make more time for his studies , not like other student’s who were spending just 3-4 hours in their studies daily and getting good grades even better than Joe. Joe became a depression patient. This depression was killing him daily.
On the other hand there was Steve, he was also good in studies , he also got good grades in his 10th and 12th class. He uses to spend 3-4 hours a day for his studies till his 12th class and after that in his graduation period he studied when only the exams are near. He used to spend time with his friends and family, he use to go for outing on a weekly basis. He was not depressed by any means.
You all must be thinking that this is the ending of the blog, but no my friend it’s not the end yet. There is a lot of thing’s which I have to told you about Joe and Steve. But I would like to ask you first that what could be the reason’s of Joe’s depression?
You all must share your views on this.
Let’s see who can guess the real reason behind Joe’s depression. And then we will check the real reason of depression of Joe in it’s next part.

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