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Today I am not going to talk about any topic or any thing, but today I am going to talk about an incident that happened with one of my close friend. And I am sure that who so ever will read this blog will surely learn something from it. This was the only reason also I am sharing this incident with all of you otherwise you all must be knowing that I don’t share and haven’t share any real life incident with all of you.
One of my friend is Joe(name changed) about whom this all blog is about, and my another friend is Steve, Joe and Steve both are best friends. Joe share almost everything with Steve, every big and small thing that happens with Joe he shares it with Steve. On the other hand Steve is a kind of person who shares his life rarely. He is not like Joe who shares everything with each other.
Let’s come to the incident that happened yesterday, actually Joe wants to start his new business. He is even working really hard for that also and this thing that Joe is working hard for his business Steve also knows about it. Yesterday in the evening Joe messages Steve about his ideas and things that he want to do in his business. Actually whenever he(Joe) have a new idea to add into his business Steve was the first one to know about it and every time Steve motivates Joe to do that work and make that idea happen and those ideas actually happened also. Joe’s business startup was on track, either he was not getting any type of payment yet rather he was setting up his business slowly so that no mistake should take place in his business.
But yesterday what happened was that Joe explained his idea to Steve and Steve responded in a kind of de-motivating way. He said that these are kind of things which sound only good they can’t be do in real. Joe was really disturbed after getting this type of response from Steve. Firstly he was unable to get that this was Steve or someone else talking. Joe was broken down. It’s obvious if anyone try to do something and people say that you can’t do it or it can’t be done by you then anyone will broke down or get broke.
But do you know what happened Joe messaged Steve that if you think that I can’t do it then I will surely make this thing happen and will make you see that happening, and on that day the only thing left with you would be REGRET and nothing, NOT EVEN YOUR BESTFRIEND(Joe).
What do you all think that what must have happened with Steve? If Steve was motivating Joe to make his every idea possible then what happened him yesterday?
You must share your thought’s .


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