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Writing, it’s just a small word with huge amount of emotion’s in it. You might think it’s funny that how single word could have huge amount of emotion’s in it, are you?
So let me explain you about this.
So first of all tell me are you a writer? Writer like have you ever written something or about something by just gathering your thought’s that arises in your mind whenever you think about that particular topic on which you are writing?
Have you ever came across these such type of emotion’s?
If yes, then yes you are a WRITER.
So now let us come on the question that how the word writing can be connected to huge amount of emotion’s?
You just think of the time when you were writing on some topic and think that why you were thinking about that particular topic.
So I think you must have thought about that particular time and I also know that there was a some emotion connected to you and to that particular topic. Because it’s same with me whenever I think about any topic I have some emotion connected to that particular topic.
Another thing after once we had find the topic on which we are going to write is I just express all my emotion’s in that topic, every single word that comes in my mind when I think of that topic.

With writing many thing’s are inter-connected today in this topic I am going to tell you about all those thing’s which are connected to it. But before starting I would like to tell you what writing is to me.
To me writing is like someone with whom I can interact my whole, to me writing is a type of feeling a type of language with which I can have a conversation my whole day without even uttering a single word from my mouth.
You all must be thinking that there should be some story which I must have gone through once because of which I have this type of thinking towards writing. So if you don’t know then let me tell you that every single writer has it’s own untold story which he keeps a secret from all of us. And he don’t tell that secret to anyone, not even to there close ones. But do you know that why he keep’s that secret a secret ?
He keeps that secret a secret because that thing can be his only motivation to write, that can be the only thing that makes him to write, that can be the only thing that make him un-breakable in his/her hard times. And if he told that secret to everyone that thing will become a normal thing for him. But if he keeps that a secret from everybody then that thing would be the largest thing that may be ever happened to him and only source of motivation. He does not tell that secret to anyone to not to loose his motivation because once if he looses his motivation then he would not be able to write again until and unless he didn’t find another thing that will keep him motivated and that will remind him every time to write, that will pinch him from inside to write.
So same as everyone I also have a secret which I will never let anyone to know about. Because if I told that secret to you all then how would I be able to disturb you with all of my writing’s and blogs. If I told you that secret then I would also not be able to write and then for what thing you all will tolerate me, I just have one bad talent of writing only so let’s keep it a secret only and keep tolerating me.
And from tolerating the thought comes into my mind that I just said this thing in a fun but actually I write very well I have a blog on WordPress and it’s growing quite well, right now I’m using the free plan so that’s why I am not able to use most of the features to use but within some days or a month I am going to buy the premium plan of wordPress. Have you just seen that in the starting I told you about how a single word have many emotion’s in it, I told how a single word can remind you of many thing’s and now I have just given the example of it from the word “tolerating”.
There are many such thing’s that you will relate to yourself and your writing habit’s, so moving forward let’s come to the real thing that’s the thing’s because of which we all must have started writing-
1. LONELINESS- Just think that you are filled with words , you are filled with expression’s, you are like if you started expressing yourself to someone you will never stop once started but you have no one to share your thought’s, to share your expression’s, to share your feeling’s with. What will you do at that time?
What will you think at that time?
What will you do at that time?
Or the other case can be that you have a lot of thing’s to express, to share and you have a lot of people with whom you can share your feeling’s, with whom you can express yourself but even after you can’t do that, do you know why?
It’s because the people around you are not trustworthy. You don’t want to share your thought’s with the one on whom you don’t have trust. At that time what will you do?
Let’s imagine you are in this current situation, you have a lot of thing’s to tell to someone , you have a lot of thing’s to express but you can’t. so at that situation what are you going to do. And even you can’t keep all of these expression’s, all of these thought’s in you they need to be told to someone. So what will you do at that time?
If I ever went through this kind of situation I will start writing my thought’s in a notebook or a personal diary, I will start expressing my thought’s there in my notebook. Do you know it’s better to write or express our thought’s in a personal diary because that diary will always listen to you. Whenever you want to talk you can talk to it, wherever you are you can talk to it. Weather it’s early morning or late night it will never refuse you to talk to you. And the person with whom before there was no one to talk to and now he got a friend like this who will always be available to listen to you and will never refuse to listen to you. This would be the greatest gift to a lonely person.
Suggest me a gift no don’t just suggest a normal gift, the gift should be the costliest gift that you can ever gift to someone?
Can anyone suggest me a type of gift I asked you to tell?
Let me give you a hint, it’s not a thing.
Unable to thought?
Okay let me give you another hint, you can’t buy it. You might be the richest person in the world, you can be anyone but you can’t buy it.
Any guesses? No !! okay let me tell you about it.
It’s your time, you can buy someone anything. You can buy someone a car, mobile, a jet or anything but the precious thing that you can give to someone is your time.
I just can’t explain you my happiness in words that what this my hobby of writing has gave. He has gave me a best friend who will always listen to me anytime anywhere. I started writing because of many factor’s from which loneliness is one. I too was not having a friend with whom I could talk to. Actually I do have a lot of friends but they all are busy in their own works, they all were busy this does not means that I never tried to talk about the things I want to. I do. But what’s the point of that type of conversation when you have a problem in the morning and they reply you in the evening. So I also started writing personal diary on a daily basis. And from there I came to know about my talent of writing. From there I came to know more about myself.
It was my summer vacation’s and I was just using my laptop, actually I was getting bore and was playing games on my laptop. But you must be knowing that there is a limit for everything, so on that day I had reached the end of my limit of playing games. From that day I had started getting bored from games also. So suddenly a thought arises in my mind that why not ask google about it. So I just google that what are the top 10 thing’s to do on internet when getting bored. There comes a list of 10 thing’s which we can do on internet when getting bored. There were things like reading online books, watching movies, playing games etc, and there was a thing called blogging on 4th number which sounds new to me because at that time I was not knowing what blogging was. So then on a new tab I searched blogging and many search results came from which the most popular were Blogspot and WordPress. On first it was blogspot so I just clicked on it and blogspot’s site opened. And from that day I came to know about what blogging was. From that day I started writing blogs. I remember that my first blog , I was not a blog on any particular topic rather it was an intro for the readers of my blog, in which I have told about myself, my studies and etc. in that particular blog on my introduction there were a lot of mistakes. There is a friend of mine I write my blog and send it to him for checking , he checked and found a lot of mistakes in it and told me correct them , I corrected them and then posted my first blog. By seeing that much mistakes of mine he was so shocked. So on next day I wrote my next blog on some topic and again I send that blog to my that friend for checking still there were many mistakes. So for next 3-4 blogs the story was the same, I used to send him my blog before posting and used to tell me my mistakes. When I have to post my 7th blog at that time also I send that to my friend but he was busy somewhere so he was not able to respond me at that time. I was in a hurry to post my next blog and he was not responding. So what I did was just posted the blog directly without being checked from him. I was thinking that the readers will be commenting and telling my mistakes, but the response was strange. People started liking my blog, they started commenting like wonderful content etc. And that was the turning point in my blogging life or we can say that the turning point in my writing life, and from that day I started blogging fluently, without any type of checking or without any type of question answering from anybody that should I post this blog or not or it this the correct content or should I add something more in this or not. And slowly my blog started growing, more and more people had started coming on my blog, they read my blog they appreciated me and the friend to whom I used to give my blogs for checking he also started appreciating my blogs.
You see how just because of loneliness I came to know about my passion, how I came to know about my talent and I have decides that if in future I ever have to do something I will do in this field only.

Now let’s come to our 2nd point, before directly telling the name of that point on which I am going to write I wish that you should guess it. I will give you a hint, “it is the thing because of which many people have left many thing’s behind just for doing that one thing.”?
Any guesses?
Let me tell you it’s PASSION.
2. PASSION- In our life there are some of the thing’s which we have to grow in us, let’s take an example of a computer, as you all might know that when you install a windows in it there comes some pre-installed application’s with it. On the other hand there are some application’s which we have to install by our own.
Let’s talk about the application’s which we have to install by our own in the computer, these are like if there is no media player in the computer you would be unable to take advantage of the multimedia things and the things which only open by media players. Same is the case with us human beings. You would be thinking that I might be joking or saying this thing just for fun, but no there is a proper reason behind it.
See I think you all must be knowing that we are not made to do every type of work. Some of the works are like we have to learn about them before doing them. These are the works like driving a car, swimming, etc. these are some type of works which we need to learn before doing or we can say in other words like these are the type of application’s which we need to install before using them.
And on the other hand there are application’s which are pre-installed with your computer setup, which means you can use them without installing it from somewhere out. You also might be knowing that there is some work for everyone which they like to do or with which they never become bore. These are the type of thing’s which you would be doing without any type of permission. These values or the habit’s or we can say our hobbies are the kind of the application which are pre-installed in your computer setup.
But to be applicable for the 2nd condition, which is the type of application’s which are pre-installed on the computer we should need to first find the passion inside us. Because if we know the passion of us then only we will be able to know what to do and how to do.
Hmm, I think you didn’t get it. So let me elaborate you thoroughly with the help of that computer setup example.
See let’s think that you have a new computer setup and you haven’t installed anything in it yet, and it’s only filled with the application’s that are pre-installed within the windows. There are many application’s but it’s only you have to decide which you have to use. Like it’s only you have to know that what you want to open and how in the computer. Same is the case with us in our real life, we all are having something special in us, everyone is unique. Someone might be good in drawing and someone might be in writing. But it’s only you who will have to know about your passion, it’s only you who will have to know about that special thing in you.
Let’s come back to our point about which I was talking is that some of us started writing just because it was their passion. They feel happy while writing, it’s there way of enjoying life, that’s why they write.

Yes, yes I know that the title is about 10 thing’s but here are only 2 written. It’s because I would share those 8 point if you want. It’s all upon all of you, it’s all upon on my readers. If you want the other 8 points you comment “yes” and if you don’t want you can comment “no”.


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    Nice deep thought

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    1. Thankyou so much. really happy to see that you liked it.


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