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There were many reason’s because of which we all started writing. Some of us must have started because writing was their hobby, they started writing just to feel good and express their views to others.
And a reason because of which most of us must have started writing is to earn from their writing’s. but just writing it and posting it will not make you to earn. There are some of the thing’s which we have to keep in mind and those thing’s are-
1. QUANTITY OF YOUR BLOG- To make your blog to qualify for earning purpose if you are using blogger to post your blogs then you must have equal or more than 250 words in your blog. If your blog is less than 250 words then that will not get qualified for the earning purpose. Another thing if you are using blogger then it takes some time to make your blog to get qualified for Google Adsense. If you don’t know that what is Google Adsense then go check my blog on Google Adsense. I have a complete guide blog on this topic.
2. QUALITY OF BLOG- Basically you get paid for the clicks your viewers make on the ad present in your blog, which means it is directly proportional to the traffic of your blog. More traffic more would be the views and more would be the clicks on your ads and more clicks means more money. You must be thinking that the topic is quality of blog but I haven’t talk about quality till now. So let me tell you that more traffic would only be possible if you write and post quality content. If you don’t provide quality content then you will not be able to gain more traffic and this will lead to lack of traffic which directly lack in the gain of money.
3. PLAGIARISM- Who don’t know what plagiarism is, then let me tell you that if you copy the content and post it on your blog, this will lead to plagiarism. And that copied blog will not get qualified for earning purpose. Some of us think that we can make Google Adsense fool but they don’t know that whenever you post your blog it is thoroughly checked by the team for such type of issues only.
4. CONSISTENCY- For continuously earning and to earn a good amount of money from your blog, you should need to be consistent. You should post blogs on a daily basis. If you think that once you posted your blog and that’s it, no it’s not like that. You have to keep on posting blogs to earn well.
5. TOPIC- Choosing a perfect topic is such an difficult task in writing blog, according to me it is more difficult than writing the whole blog. You should choose a type of topic which is kinda famous these days, then there would be more searches for that famous topic and more traffic would be able to reach your blog.


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