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Do you know why we all go to a religious event?
I think all of your answer would be finding peace. But do we get peace by going there?
I think most of us will tell that NO.
And it’s not because of any type of blind faith, but it’s because of the problems everybody face while any religious event going through.
Now you will ask about what type of problems?
There are many problems such as-
• Traffic problem- just think that you are having a pleasant day, you and your family decided to go out somewhere, you start your journey after sometime what you see????? A huge traffic on the roads and the reason behind that traffic is some religious event going on.
• Hospital and Ambulances- most of the problem is faced by ambulances because the person who are arranging that religious event are not getting this that there must be someone who can be in a critical condition.
Solution of the problems faced because of these religious events: I just have only one solution of this problem is that for everything there must be a particular place, and for these religious events there are their respective places. Everyone should do that there only, and no one will have to face any type of problem then.
If any one of you have any other solution then you can tell me by writing it in the comment section.


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