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Today’s life is the fastest we could ever had, because everyone is in a race of their own. Everyone wants to earn more and more money and in this race of earning money we are not taking care of our health. In older times you must have seen that all were fit and healthy because at that times they use to eat good healthy food and more over they use to do hard work because at that time they were not having as many facilities that we all have today in our life. There are many factors on which our health depends. Today in this blog I will cover all those factors thoroughly. So keep reading.
If I talk about this problem in India only then what do you think that where it is the most seen?
Let me tell you that it’s mostly seen in Punjab in India, there are most overweight persons are living in India. It’s seen in Punjab because of their eating habits, I am not saying they don’t like to work so that’s why they are overweight, they are one of the most hardworking persons, they work a lot. But the factor that making them overweight is there eating habits. They use a lot of butter and ghee in their foods which is somehow not good for health, it’s good but it should be upto a limit only. They eat things like paratha’s, chicken and e.t.c. which make them overweight.

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• Being an over-weight person you will not be able to walk and run.
• You would not be able to do more and more work actively.
• You can have serious problems like diabetes and etc.
• You will not look good.
• Most of the time you will feel sleepy being an over-weight person.
There are many more problems which are associated with this serious issue.

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• Have a healthy diet.
• Less or no butter and ghee.
• No fast food
• Daily exercise or yoga.
• Less stress
• Stay active and ready to do work everytime, that will also counts in physical activity.
• Have a good and proper amount of sleep according to your age.
• No alcohol.
Do you know that there is 131% increase in death rate because of over-weight.


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