Want to earn money?

But don’t know what to do.

You must have been using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also. If yes then you can earn a good amount of money by going live and showing your unique talent to other people there.

Yes, i am not telling a lie, it’s true you will get paid for being live on any of your favourite Social Networking site.

In 2015 live video streaming took a new step forward when Twitter launched a video streaming platform called Periscope. Many people took advantage of periscope to tell their talent to other people who were watching them and there become experts in their own respective fields.

In 2017 Facebook launched Facebook live, both these Facebook live and Instagram live are similar platforms that allow user to send and know about upcoming going on events on the live streams . we were also able to do real time comments on videos.

We get paid through the advertisements which comes in between our uploaded video. There are 2 ways to earn money with this live video uploading work, they are direct way and indirect way. The direct way is by putting advertisements in between your videos and the indirect way is through number of subscriptions done on your channel.

Popular streaming platforms such as facebook live and instagram live allow monetisation through the breaks which are 10-15 seconds advertisements that streams during videos. To earn from facebook live you must have 2,000 followers and a live video audience of 300 members. Facebook live notifies you when you become eligible for an AdBreak while live streaming. While on Twitter Periscope allows user to earn super hearts which are essentially virtual tips from viewers watching the video.

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