Hi everyone, today we are going to talk about some fact’s about a secret place, name of that place is AREA 51. Let’s get started.
The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51. It is highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base within Nevada Test and Training Range. It’s correct name is Homey Airport and Groom Lake. The name Area 51 is used in a CIA document from the Vietnam war. It is referred to as restricted area.
Some facts about Area 51 –
· The name Area 51 is derived from it’s marking on 1950 Nevada Test Site maps.
· Area 51 was also referred to as Groom Lake, Paradise Ranch, Watertown, and Dreamland.

· It’s name Dreamland was derived from an Edgar Allan Poe poem by the same name. It admonishes that the traveller, travelling through it, may not dare not openly view it. Never it’s mysteries are exposed.
· Early on the only entertainment at Area 51 consisted of single cement tennis court and a small bowling alley. There was no television, and radio signals only made it through the surrounding mountain’s in the evening.

· After an increase in UFO sightings in 1952, the CIA concluded that ‘’there is a remote possibility that they may be interplanetary aircraft’’ and that it was necessary to investigate each sighting.
· 90% of reported UFO sightings could be easily debunked, while the other 10% were ‘’ a number of incredible reports from credible observer’’.


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