Hi everyone, I’m back with a new topic today. Yesterday in my previous blog i asked you all to suggest me some topic’s to write on, believe me you will be shocked to see the response, and the response was that there was no one, not a single person suggested me any topic, but after thinking for a long time today I got today’s topic. Before coming to the topic i want to talk about something with you all. What’s the fastest growing thing in this world?
Let me guess, your answer must be population, no but you are wrong. Fastest growing thing is depression, from a child going to school to a working man, everyone is facing depression, some face due to study load and some due to work load and many other reason’s. Today in this blog i will tell you some tips to cure depression. So let’s get started.
Firstly i will tell you some natural ways to cure depression-


1. EXERCISE- Yes exercise is one of the most effective thing we can do to cure depression, even exercise can also reduce stress, increase self-esteem and decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. While exercising endorphins are released, which helps in decreasing perception of pain and increase positive feelings.


2. PRACTICE GOOD SLEEPING HABITS- Depression can affect sleeping patterns, such as sleeping too much or sleeping too little. We should change our sleeping habits to ensure getting adequate, restful sleep. If you have a difficult time falling asleep, try taking a bath before bedtime to help you relax. Drink some herbal tea or read a book.


3. ENGAGE IN DAILY MEDITATION- Meditation can be beneficial for reducing stress, quieting the mind, and even reducing symptoms of depression. Start with practicing a mindful meditation, which emphasizes accepting your thoughts and feelings without judgement.


4. MANAGE STRESS- For managing stress you should involve yourself in some activities like your school/college activity or involving in your daily activity. just don’t leave you mind alone or empty. Because when your mind is empty or not doing anything at that time you will start getting negative thought’s. And negative thought’s will lead you to stress and it will directly lead to depression.

5. CHALLENGE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS- To get rid of these negative thought’s you should think about the things that give your life meaning. Often these are the simple things, not the big job promotion or nice car or house. But the dog that lovingly greets you everyday, the charity work you did or the artwork you do that touches people’s soul.

I am sure that you will get rid of depression by doing these things only, but even if you are not satisfied then you should go to a doctor, and talk about your problem of depression. It will surely help.
These are some of my thoughts which i think are able to cure depression but if you have any tips to cure depression rather than these written upward, you can tell it to me by telling me it in the comment section.


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