Hi everyone, I am back with a new topic today, and it’s basically about a big problem faced by student’s mostly in India. Its the race they have to run just for good marks, for their parent’s who just want good grades they don’t want to know about the knowledge that their child has gain or can gain they just want marks to tell that good grades in their society.
Every student must have faced or being facing this problem of this number line. Everyone just want good marks and nothing, i don’t know why, whereas according to me knowledge is more important rather than marks. Think once what if you had gain good grades by any method but you don’t have knowledge about the things you had read, what will you do further, if you got any job because of your good grades what will you do there if you don’t have the knowledge of what you have to do there.
It everything starts from our parent’s they want us to have good grades just to show off in their locality and society, and because of them children’s also starts to gather more and more marks just to see their parent’s happy, but what about knowledge, by cramming things for how much time you will remind the thing you had crammed.
With this topic i just want to tell a small message to all the parent’s that these marks are nothing if their child have knowledge in mind, do go for just good marks go for knowledge, to gain more and more knowledge.
If anyone from you want to add anything in this topic you can comment it down, will surely read it.


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