Hi everyone, I am back with a new topic, i was having a question in my mind everytime that why we can drink water why can’t we eat it. Why we need some hard container’s to contain water in it. So the scientists from Skipping Rock Lab given the answer of my question.
Edible Water, it’s clear from the name that what i am going to talk about, edible water, water that we can eat. Actually edible water is a blob-like water container made from sodium alginate gel. This is totally bio-degradable, and this invention is made through scientists of Skipping Rock Lab.

They tried to make an more environment friendly alternative to single serving plastic bottles. The container named ‘’ooho’’ by it’s creator’s. It encloses a small amount of water in a membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride.
· This is eco-friendly.
· Easy to use.
· No wastage.
· Clean.


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