Let’s think that you do workout daily, and didn’t have arrest day in a week and even working out for 7 days daily you have a normal type of body, but on the other hand someone who is working 5 to 6 days a week have a better built body than you and you are shocked to see that. And you want to find the reason behind this.
So let me explain you this, do you know that your body increases mostly during rest time, when you are taking rest at that time your body increases the most. Many other symptoms are there which make your body not to grow properly, these symptoms are-
1. Not getting enough sleep
2. Bad eating habit’s
3. No calorie chart
4. No consistency
5. You don’t do workout properly with proper forms
6. Alcohol and other such things intake
7. No time for cardio
8. No warm up before workout
These are some of the symptoms which effect your muscle growth at a high extent. To getting over all these things you should-
1. Sleep well at least for 7-9 hours
2. No oily food
3. Proper diet chart and get stick to it
4. Do workout daily, getting up early is not getting workout done
5. Learn proper forms, can join a gym or get a personal trainer
6. No consumption of alcohol and other such things
7. Do cardio, once you get it done you will feel the change
8. Have warm up before workout
You can’t get in a good shape or can’t develop a good muscular body just by lifting heavy, there are proper forms, there are proper techniques, there are proper diet charts which helps a lot. Doing workout without knowledge is kind of damaging your body yourself.


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