You sit somewhere, you are upset and tired, just thinking about your life and questioning yourself that am I doing things right?
And when you ask this question to yourself, your brain produces no thoughts, and you stops thinking about that and you are back at that place where you started, you are again upset and tired.
This question at some point arrives in everyone’s mind, and they just think that are they doing things right, are the things they are doing right now will be beneficial for them in the future or not. They have a question in their minds that what they are studying for or studying in school colleges are they getting jobs from that courses, they are thinking that haven’t they choose wrong stream or courses, and this just shows that they all haven’t known about what their passion is.
Here we come to our today’s main topic which was, how can we find our passion?
Before telling that how can you find your passion first of all let us know a little about what passion is, Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for something, passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea.
That’s all about passion, now we should move forward to how can we find passion.
We actually all thinks about finding our passion but everything has a way, everything must be done in a way either it’s not going to happen, same is with thinking if we think in a perfect way then you are only going to get the best answer from your thinking either you can’t get your answer’s. While thinking about our passion, people just start thinking randomly and they just end up thinking with no answer or choice.
If you all want to find your passion, think in the way I am going to tell you and the way or the formula to find your passion is: INTEREST + ENGAGEMENT= PASSION.
That’s it this 2 words formula is enough to find your passion, let me give you one example- I love writing blogs not only blogs I just love to write about anything which means I have interest in writing and I am even writing blogs which means I am also engaged in that thing, I am engages in it, and hence it makes my passion is writing, and even I can choose it as my job or choose it to earn money.
There must be some of your passion which will become your hobbies, like working out daily it can become your hobby. Many people will surely get confuse in that what they fond of do it their hobby or their passion.
There is a huge difference between hobby and passion, A hobby is a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation, whereas passion on other hand are not for relaxing. Passion is something we love, an overwhelming feeling of devotion and obsession.
So that’s all about today’s topic if you like it and you want to spread it, you can share it with other also, and if you want to read more blogs like this you can subscribe my blog, so whenever i will post new blog’s you will get notified itself.
Here is a link of someone’s story whom everyone know today, but most of the people don’t know how much he have to work hard to find his passion,

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