Today i have something really special to talk about, we all must know about the heroes we see in movies, but the person i am going to talk about is the perfect example of A REAL HERO. Not many people know about them, even i was not knowing much about them but today a short film was released on them, i watched it and i was having Goosebumps. I had not written any blog from few weeks but today after watching that short film my heart was saying that i had to write it, i am going to put the link of that fabulous short film in the end, everyone should must watch it.
I am going to talk about Captain “ Baba” Harbhajan Singh Ji, they were born on 30 August 1946, they was an Indian Army Soldier, he was accorded the status of saint by believers who refer to him as the “Baba”. Many Indian Army personnel posted in and around the Nathula Pass and the Sino-Indian border between the state of Sikkim and Chinese occupied Tibet believe that his spirit protects every soldier in the inhospitable high altitude terrain of the Eastern Himalayas.
Every year on 11 September a jeep departs with his personal belongings to the nearest railway station, New Jalpaiguri, from where it is sent to the village of Kuka in the Kapurthala district of Punjab. Every year a seat is left empty for the journey to his hometown and soldiers chaperone the Baba to his home. A small sum of money is contributed by soldiers posted in Nathula to be sent to his mother each month.
If you want to tell anyone what love for country really means then you should tell him/her the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh ji. I just felt like crying when i was reading about them and at that time i just had one thought in my mind that this is called Love for Country.
And as i told you that i will give the link for the short film here it is:


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