Someone once told me that learning is a life long process, learning never ends and if learning is end in your life then you are not growing in your life.
So today I am here with 10 way’s to indulge in a life long learning, so let’s get started-

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1. READ WIDELY AND DAILY- We often learn new thing by reading them from somewhere either it is from a book or newspaper. We should read books daily at least one page daily. Newspaper is a good source of gaining knowledge we should read it daily to come to know what’s happening around us and all.

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2. KEEP SMART COMPANY- Our company is a thing that matters a lot for us, what type of thinking and what type of thought’s arises in our mind depends upon it. If we have a company of friends who also tells us to keep it up and to not give up on our dreams them our thinking will be something different and if we have friends like who are afraid of changes then we will have a different kind of thinking. So we should always have a smart company around us.

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3. TEACH OTHER’S- Other way to gain knowledge is to teach other’s if they need help. Something we must be knowing about that topic something the other person would be knowing about that topic, and this exchange of thought’s would the learning thing for us.
4. KEEP A LIST OF THE THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO EXPLORE- We should make a list of the things that we want to explore in our future, this list will help us to remind of the things that we have to do.

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5. START YOUR OWN PROJECT- By starting our own project we will learn to how to learn about something without help of anyone. And this thing will help us in our future.

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6. USE A PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT- There are many such site which provides us personal learning environment, they will give us daily updates about current affairs and other things whom about we want to learn .

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7. EXPERIMENT WITH NEW WAY’S OF LEARNING- On weekend’s we can go to our friend’s place for studying and we can know about there way of learning thing’s. we can also tell us our way of learning to help them.

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8. JOIN A STUDY GROUP- We can join study groups on whatsapp or facebook, they will notify us about daily updates and provide us free study material and e.t.c.
9. FIND A JOB THAT ENCOURAGES LEARNING AND COLLABORATION- We should find a job like in which we can learn about new thing’s and our learning process does not get stops.

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10. MAKE IT A PRIORITY- We should make learning a priority, which means without learning something our day should not end.


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